Another quilt?


Culross Township covered an area rather less than ten miles by ten miles in the South Bruce peninsula some 20 miles to the south-east of Kincardine on the coast of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

The township is approximately the area shown below (at the initial zoom setting).

The present day community of Teeswater is located pretty central to the Culross Township.

Culross was originally surveyed in 1852 by G McPhilips, P.L.S. The township was divided into fifteen rectangular Concessions of numbered from I at the southern border of Culross to XV at the northern border. Each of these Concessions was divided into 35 lots numbered from 1 on the eastern border to 35 on the western border. An allowance for roads was created after each alternate concession and between every fifth lot. A further Concession, A, was created along the eastern boundary with lots numbered from 1 in the south to 38 in the north.

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Pioneer Families

Several of those named on the quilt are direct descendants of the pioneer settlers of the Culross community. ‘All Our Yesterdays’ - A History of Culross Township 1854-1984 includes a list of the Crown Deed Pioneers. By comparing the ancestors of those named on the quilt with the pioneer settlers, we have identified about a hundred who are very likely part of the same families. These pioneer settlers are identified in the following document.