Another quilt?


Detailed photographs have been taken to assist in identifying the names on the quilt and these are included on the web site.

The arrangement of the quilt is four quadrants, separated by a wide sashing which would originally have been red but is now faded to a buff colour. Each quadrant is further divided into six blocks, five of which contain eight names arranged radially with eight more names across the end of each diagonal; whilst the sixth block in each quadrant contains four names which we assume to be the Junior Workers, two names of notable people (for example, Sir Robert and Lady Borden, the Canadian Prime Minister and his wife) and part of the title.

On this website, the quadrants have been designated NW, NE, SW and SE and the blocks within each quadrant have been labelled in the manner of a spread sheet. See diagram below. Click on an area of the quilt to see more detail. Click in the centre of the quilt to see the four  title blocks.

Helpful Hint: All the biographies include images of the names. To the right of each image is a button; click the button to see the block containing that name.

Click to see more detail Click to see more detail Click to see more detail Click to see more detail Click to see the tlte blocks Quadrant SW Quadrant SE