Another quilt?

This research would not have been achieved without the help of many people, all of whom I would like to thank:

The following relatives have been generous in sharing their knowledge and memories of their kinfolk: Alan Barkway, Barry Swanson, Bill and Evelyn Marshall, Brent Wark, Carol Person, Connie Musiowsky, Cristle Carey and Judy Grimwood, Debbie Tustin, Doris Schwehr, Ed Anderson, Ina Buck, Janet Hackl, Jean Tiegen, Jerry Lindsey, John Young, Joyce (Fisher), Lee and Audrey Wark, Les Bloom, Mary Roode, Nick Christianson, Oliver Holdstock, Ruth and Deon Nordstrom, Sherry Smith, Sonja Burton, Tammy Fusick and Elaine Folden, and Vivien Smith and family.

The Van Eaton brothers, Jack and Wallace, featured on the quilt, who provided their own accounts, Wallace by email and Jack by one of the most entertaining phone calls I’ve ever had.

The residents of Canwood and Shellbrook who so kindly invited us for meals in their homes and arranged outings: Doris and Ernie Schwehr, Carol and Don Person, Bill and Evelyn Marshall, Ruth and Deon Nordstrom, Cristle Carey and Judy Grimwood, Doris Britski and Monica Johnson, Bill and Caroline Banks, and Ann and Richard Porter.

Maizie LaClaire for information about the making of the quilt, and Sandra and Fred LaClaire for putting us in touch with Maizie.

Peter Wilkinson, for on-the-ground information about Canada and Saskatchewan, the wonderful DVD he has made of the quilt, for friendship and a good breakfast.

Angela Hill of the Prince Albert Daily Herald who published my letter that started the whole trail going, and has followed the story through.

Cathy Coles, editor-in-chief of Our Harvest of Memories, for permission to use information from this very helpful document, which deepened my understanding of the settlement of Saskatchewan.

Ed Laird of the Royal Canadian Legion, Saskatchewan Command, for information about the lettering and numbering system of service numbers.

Alan Jeffreys of the Imperial War Museum for his patience in making the quilt available, and his encouragement to do the research.

My husband David, for encouragement and support both practical and emotional in this project, for photography, for arranging our trip to Canada, and for his invaluable IT skills, without which this research would have taken a lot longer.

And finally, Doris Schwehr who has been indefatigable in finding contacts for many of the men and women on the quilt, passing on information and writing some of it herself. In this she has been aided by her husband Ernie. I thank her for finding a copy of the out-of-print local history book Our Harvest of Memories, and obtaining written permission from the editor-in-chief to use the information in it. I thank her and Ernie for their hospitality and kindness to myself and my husband on our first visit to Saskatchewan, and for enabling us to meet so many of the relatives. She has been the best research assistant I could have wished for, and a true friend.

Maxine March

31st December 2010