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Detailed photographs have been taken to assist in identifying the names on the quilt and these are included on the web site.

The general arrangement of the quilt is rows and columns of red crosses, surrounded by names (and sometimes addresses) in cursive script written with a marker pen. The HOME page shows an overview of the quilt.

The detailed photographs are identified by a letter/number combination like the cells in a spreadsheet. The columns are lettered A - K and rows, numbered 1 -15.

The following image shows the idea. Most of the blocks comprise a red cross surrounded by four or more names and sometimes addresses. The corner blocks contain information about the quilt and the central blocks contain more names and addresses.

Click on the following image to see the individual blocks, or continue reading this page for more information.

Helpful Hint: All the biographies include signature images. To the right of each signature image is a button; click the button to see the detailed photographs.

Column A

Most of the blocks comprise a red cross on a white background surrounded by several names (and sometimes addresses). The central motif and the four corner blocks are distinctive and are described below. Hint: Click on any image to see an enlargement with caption.

Block A1 This quilt was made by Mrs S. K. Martin of Harborton, Accomac County, Virginia, and presented to Pungoteague Branch of the Eastern Shore Chapter of American Red Cross, with the sincere wish that our Virginia boys – and any others – may find inscribed thereon the names of many friends deeply interested in their welfare.

Block K1 While the writing of the names on this quilt has been no small task, it has been one that has brought to me much pleasure because of the fact that somebody’s boy would find thereon the names of loved ones. D. G. Agathoin.

Block F6 US monogram, pair US flags (13 stars & 13 stripes), Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, Mrs Woodrow Wilson, White House, Washington, D. C.

Block E7 C. A. Hanscome, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs C. A. Hanscome, Baltimore, Md.
A. G. Pinkerton, Wallbrook, Md.
R. D. L. Fletcher, Cape Charles, Va.
Asa T Crawford, Williamston, N.C.
Frank Daily, El Dorado, Kan.

Block G7 Philip L. Poe, Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md.
Seabury Davies, Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md.
Dr Albert Edwards Wilson, Withers Building, Norfolk, Va.
J. Curtis Kelley, Harborton, Va.
Mrs J. Curtis Kelley, Harborton, Va.

Block D8 T.A. Joynes, Onancock, Accomac County, Va.
E. Sheldon Jones, Co. K. 313th Infantry, Camp Meade, Md.
Joseph Jenkins, U. S. Naval Reserve, Onancock, Va.

Block H8 C. DeLacey Evans, 209 E. Payette St., Baltimore, Md.
Townsend, Scott & Son, 209 E. Payette St., Baltimore, Md.
Dr. A. T. L. Kussian, Hollins College, Hollins, Virginia.

Block E9 L. Floyd Nock, Accomac, Va.
Miss Sadie Underhill, Melfa, Va.
Mrs Macon Hall McGuire, Cape Charles, Va.
Albert M. Tennis, Hampton, Va.
N. B. Wescott, Accomac, Va.

Block G9 Arthur W. Swartz, Wilmington, Del.
W. McDonald Lee, Irvington, Va.
R. McC. Bullington & Co., Richmond, Virginia.
Cecil Bonniwell, Melfa, Va.
John A. Ballenger, Mullica Hill, New Jersey.

Block F10 Presented to The Virginia Room in the Anglo-American Hospital, Wimereux, France, by the Pungoteague Branch of the Eastern Shore Chapter, American Red Cross. A message of love and faith in our boys from those who want to show that we at home are trying to do our part in making the world a better dwelling place, for the nations that are trying to bring to all peoples a full, joyous and enduring world-wide LIBERTY.

Block A15 Broadway Baptist Church, Cashville, Va. Broadway Baptist Church Sunday School, Cashville, Va. Class No. 1, Class No. 2, Class No. 3, Class No. 4, Class No. 5, Class No. 6, Class No. 7, Class No. 8.

Block K15 Capt. J. F. Bellows, Ocran, Va., Ida Bellows, Lottie Bellows, Gertrude Bellows, Fannie Bellows, Nina Bellows, Ruby Bellows, Margaret Bellows, Myrtle Bellows.

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