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The Eastern Shore of Virginia extends for some 70 miles, north to south forming the southern part of the crescent-shaped Delmarva Peninsula which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay on the east, and Chesapeake Bay on the south and west. The ocean islands help form the crescent which has a very irregular under curve next to Chesapeake Bay. The coast lines are broken by numerous tidal streams and necks of land in assorted sizes and shapes. The Delmarva Peninsula takes its name from Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, the states among which it is divided.

Virginia's part was divided into two counties in 1663. Northampton County in the south, which begins at Fishermans Island, has a land area of 226 square mile. Its population in the 1910 census was 16,672 ,17,852 in 1920 and by 1960 fallen to 16,966 and by 2010 was 12,389. Whilst Accomack County in the north begins at Machipongo and Occohannock creeks and extends to the Maryland line. It has a land area of 470 square miles. Its population in 1900 was 32,570, 36,650 in 1910, 34,795 in 1920. By 1960 the population was 30,635 and by 2010 had grown to 33,164.

Pungoteague is a small community on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. It lies on the western side of the peninsula about mid-way between the point at Cape Charles and the Maryland border to the north. In 2010, the poplulation of Pungoteague was 347.