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David March - March 2019

Signature Cot Quilt owned by Tony Mansi.

I have worked on the assumption that this quilt was made in Canada during WWII.

I listed all the names in alphabetical order.

It seemed likely that some of those with the same surname would be part of a family group.

Several of the names include ‘Mrs’ as a title. It is likely that others with the same surname might include her children.

Given this as a starting point, I looked for such family groups using in the census records for 1921 (the most recent available online).

I found some such family groups in the Etobicoke district of Toronto. I then searched the city directories for the early 1940s for these families. Again I got several ‘hits’.

Two of the names include the title ‘Pte’; these I assume to be of military age during WWII.

Links to some 30 family trees are included on the Names page.

This research is incomplete. If you can help in clarifying any of the information, please contact me here.