Another quilt?


Detailed photographs have been taken to assist in identifying the names on the quilt and these are included on the web site.

The arrangement of the quilt is rows and columns of red crosses, surrounded and separated by hundreds of names in cursive script. The HOME page and THE QUILT page show two overviews of the quilt.

The detailed photographs are identified by a letter/number combination like the cells in a spreadsheet. The columns are lettered A - G and rows, numbered 1 -11.

The following image shows the idea. Areas covered by photos A1, D6 and E2 have been outlined.

Click on any of these images to see the individual blocks, or continue reading this page for more information.

Helpful Hint: All the biographies include signature images. To the right of each signature image is a button; click the button to see the detailed photographs.

Column A

The area covered by the detailed photographs overlap. Some names at the edges of the areas covered by photographs may appear on both or the name may start on one photo and be completed on another. As the names are written at all sorts of different angles it is possible that a name runs across the corners of up to four photos.

The following photo A1 shows what can happen.

Column A

When you are viewing a detailed photograph, clicking on a letter A-G will take you to that column’s photographs.

The page for a set of detailed photographs looks like this:

Column A

Down the left hand edge of are thumb-nails of the whole column. Clicking on one of the thumb-nails will show the photograph full-size with its reference number above. You can choose a different column by clicking one of the letters A-G.