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Another quilt?

Jacob Loucks (1808-1888) & Nancy Varty (1816-1894) had three daughters, Clarissa (1837-1895), Amanda (1838-1921) & Susannah (1843-1930) and seven sons, George Henry (1841-1895), Nicholas (1845-1937), Thomas (1848-1938), William Edward (1850-1920), Alexander Perry (1852-1935), Charles Edgar (1854-1906) & Jacob (1857-1930).

George Henry Loucks (1841-1895) married Ann Jane Hurley (1845-1922) on 22 January 1869 in Inverary, Storrington Township, Frontenac County, Ontario. George farmed in Storrington.

 George & Ann had five children:

Angeline, born on 5 February 1870
Sophia Jane, born on 5 October 1874
William John, born on 3 April 1875
Mary Elizabeth, born on 12 November 1875 and died five days later on 17 November and
Nancy Emily (Annie), born on 28 October 1879.

Angeline married Robert Thomas Keeler on 29 August 1888.
Sophia Jane married George Edwin Clark on 10 October 1900.
William John married Mary Jane Shannon on 6 July 1898.
Annie married Robert Shannon on 10 October 1900.
Note Robert Shannon was Mary Jane Shannon’s brother and Sophia Jane & Annie had a joint wedding in 1900.

Robert Thomas Keeler was born on 17 March 1863 in Storrington, Frontenac,Ontario to John Henry Keeler (1836-1912) & Catherine Sands (1838-1925). Robert farmed in Storrington close to his father’s homestead. Robert & Angeline had three sons, George Werden (1889-1971), John Howard (1891-1980) & William Leonard (1893-1935) and two daughters, Hazel (1899-1899) & Ena Vera (1902-1981). Ena was born on 14 September 1902 in Storrington and married John Herbert Gessell (1903-1978) on 29 January 1929 in Saskatoon.

George Edwin Clark was born on 11 September 1865 in Keelerville, Storrington to Edwin Clark (1836-1887) & Mary Ann Adams (1838-1885). George had four sisters, Eleanor (Ella) (Ellie) Susanna (1862-1943), Mary Louise (b 1868), Martha Ann (1871-1946) & Ida (Ada) Jessie (1874-1948) and four brothers, William Adams (1872-1933), John Wesley (1874-1957), Bethuel Edwin (1876-1927) & James (1878-1925). In 1889 George married Arrebella Amanda Maria Ruthven (1866-1898) in Leeds, Ontario. George & Arrebella had two daughters, Belle (1890-1963) & Mary Amanda (1891-1964). After Arrebella’s death, George married Sophia Jane on 10 October 1900 in Frontenac. In the early 1900’s the family moved west to Saskatchewan and from 1911 onwards were living at 234 Ave E N, Saskatoon. George & Sophia had one daughter, Ada Mary (Addie) born in June 1906.

William & Mary had four sons, George Henry (1899-1899), Robert Shannon (1901-1977), William Clifford (1908-1967) & George Spenceley (1913-1968) and two daughters, Mabel Anna Mary (1904-1980) & Mildred E (1910-2003). Mabel was born on 14 February 1904 in Storrington and married Lewis Goldwin Smith ( 1901-1974) in 1925. They had three children, Lois M G (b 1927), Zona M (b 1928) & Betty Lon (b 1937). They moved to Montana, USA.

Lewis Goldwin Smith was the grandson of Henry Smith born on 9 May 1833 in London, England. Henry came to Canada aged about 2 years. He married Hannah (Anna) Stephenson on 10 June 1858 in Wellington, Ontario. Amongst their children was Joseph Albert born on 3 April 1865 in Howick, Ontario. Joseph Albert married Nellie Glen Hagey (1869-1902) on 4 March 1896 in York, Ontario.

Robert Shannon was born on 11 July 1874 in Sunbury, Frontenac to Robert Shannon Sr (1843-1919) & Mary Gay (1848-1928). Robert farmed in Frontenac before coming west to Saskatchewan after his marriage.They settled in Loganton RM. In later years, Annie reverted to being known as Nancy. When Robert retired they moved to 1222 Ave B N in Saskatoon. Robert died on 13 June 1955. Nancy lived on at 1222 Ave B N until her death on 6 September 1972 aged 92 years.

James Clark was born on 2 June 1878 in Frontenac, Ontario. He came west to Cameron, Brandon, Manitoba and was a farm labourer in 1901. He married Jeannie Robinson (b 1885) in November 1905 and they had a daughter Joy born in 1912. James farmed in Cameron until his death on 3 June 1925.

Jacob Loucks (1857-1930) married Sarah Ann (Annie) Lusk (1862-1935) 23 February 1881 in Meaford, Grey, Ontario. Annie’s father was David Lusk, born on 1 May 1833 in Whitchurch Township, York, Ontario to Morris Alington Lusk (1808-1937) & Sarah Petch (1813-1900). David married Sarah Stephens (1833-1880) about 1850 in York County, Canada West. David subsequently married Emma Catherine Smith on 29 June 1881 in Huron, Ontario. Emma was born on 24 February 1844 in Orillia, Ontario to Henry & Mary Smith. David & Emma had two children, Bertha Louella (1883-1962) & Egbert Wesley born in 1883 who died the same year.

It is thought that Nancy Emily (Annie) Shannon, née Loucks appears on the quilt twice; as Mrs R Shannon and as E A Shannon.

Their extended family tree can be found on Ancestry under the title

3rd Ave Clark/Keeler/Loucks/Lusk/Shannon Tree.